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News > The axes of cooperation between the Academy of Arts and the Republic of Tajikistan were explained

The axes of cooperation between the Academy of Arts and the Republic of Tajikistan were explained
The axes of cooperation between the Academy of Arts and the Republic of Tajikistan were explained

Bahman Namvar Motlaq, the head of the Academy of Arts, met and talked with Nizamuddin Zahedi, Ambassador of Tajikistan to Iran, and Mozaffar Mohammadi, Cultural Advisor of Tajikistan, on December 10, 2022, about the common axes of the Academy's cooperation in the field of art.

Bahman Mamvar Motlaq first pointed to the joint programs that the Art Academy had with the Republic of Tajikistan in the past years, and by stating that most of the artistic activities were event-oriented, he called for the serious activities of the Academy.

And he said: We are ready to cooperate in the field of exchange of experiences of artists and artistic researchers more than event-oriented activities of the two countries. Holding art workshops with the presence of prominent professors of the two countries, co-creation, joint scientific and research thinking, joint exhibitions, and the publication of favorite art books of the two countries are among the proposals that can be useful in the field of academy cooperation to strengthen the culture and art of the two countries.

He considered the priority of the Academy of Arts's cooperation with countries of the same language and race, such as Tajikistan and Afghanistan, which will further strengthen the spirit of friendship between the two nations.

In the continuation of this meeting, Nizamuddin Zahedi, the ambassador of Tajikistan, considered the synergy of cultural knowledge to be very important for the continuation of cooperation and said in this context: We welcome co-creation and co-thinking and of course the publication of joint works.

We need to know the contemporary currents of culture in both countries. Now there are important monuments in Tajikistan and they are being restored. These works can be valuable for Iranian researchers. In the field of music, we have had good joint works and we are interested in producing more works.

He described the academic activities of his country and said in this context: We have countless Cultural celebrities  and we have made many films and series in this field. We have countless activities in the field of plays and we are interested in cooperating in this and other fields as well.

At the end of this meeting, which was attended by Abdul Rahim Firouzzadeh, director of the directorate, public relations and international affairs of the Art Academy, and Akram Pouraki, the head of international affairs of the Art Academy, about the formation of a joint working group and the exchange of a draft of a comprehensive cooperation memorandum with the coordination of the respected ambassador of Tajikistan in Tehran And the arrangement of the practical and implementation plan was discussed as soon as possible.

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