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News > Expansion of artistic cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan

Expansion of artistic cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan
Expansion of artistic cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan

In the meeting between the head of the Academy of Arts and the Minister of Culture of Tajikistan, which was held today, Tuesday, October 5, 2022, at the Academy of Arts, the parties emphasized the need to expand artistic cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan.

According to the public relations report of  Academy of Arts, on Tuesday morning, Bahman Namvar Motlaq , the head ofAcademy of Arts, was the host of Ms. Zulfia Dolatzadeh, the Minister of Culture of Tajikistan, and the accompanying delegation. In this meeting, the head of the Academy of Arts, while introducing this Academy to the Tajik guests, spoke about the duties of the Academy in the fields of policy and policy making in the field of art, and further introduced the various departments and specialized groups of the Academy of Arts.

Namvar Motlaq referred his familiarity with the country of Tajikistan and its culture to joint cultural and artistic events and said: We are ready for cultural and artistic cooperation with the country of Tajikistan and this issue is one of our priorities due to the common language with the country of Tajikistan. For Iran and Tajikistan, Persian language is like a soul in different bodies; Because these two nations consider language as common thought, history and culture. He added: The Academy of Arts is ready to hold joint workshops in various art fields such as cinema, visual arts, theater and music.

The head of the Academy of Arts pointed out the importance of paying attention to the development of art in Tajikistan and said: We are trying to create an environment for setting up exhibitions of the works of Tajik artists in the Academy of Arts and creating space for co-creation, co-thinking and joint creation of works in the fields of cinema. , provide visual arts, theater, etc. Also, we can have a good cooperation in the field of printing joint works. Luxurious books such as Indo-Iranian bookplates, which were recently published by the Academy of Arts, can also be used for Iran and Tajikistan bookplates.

At the end of his speech, Namvar Motlaq mentioned the honorary members of theAcademy of Artsand said: two of the honorary members of the Academy of Arts were from Tajikistan; Mrs. Ashraf Aini and Mr. Torjanov and we are ready to have more honorary members from Tajikistan in our group.

In the continuation of the meeting, Ms. Zulfia Dolatzadeh, Minister of Culture of Tajikistan, said: "By attending theAcademy of Arts, I actually saw that the best art specialists have gathered here." In Tajikistan, we also have institutions such as the Academy of Arts, whose leadership is determined by the presidency, and we have artists similar to Iranian artists who work in Tajikistan. We should try to cooperate as much as possible.

At the end of his speech, the Minister of Culture of Tajikistan expressed his hope for maintaining this friendship, common language and common culture and said: The most important issue is that our talks do not need translation. We understand each other's intentions and we hope that this friendship will remain.

Also, in this event, Nizamuddin Zahedi, Ambassador of Tajikistan in Iran, while expressing his happiness at his presence in the Academy of Art, said: Today is the stage of renewal of occasions and bilateral cooperation. I hope that as a result of this stage, with the will and desires of the two countries, we will return to the good relations of the past, and artistic cooperation is a suitable platform for this. He added: "We will discuss specific art fields, while we do not have an institution like an Academy of Arts in Tajikistan, but the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan is eager to cooperate with the Academy of Arts of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

At the end of the reunion, Bahman Namvar Motlaq, the head of the Aacademy of Arts, in summarizing the discussions, proposed the establishment of an Academy of Arts in Tajikistan to create an equivalent institution that can create a closer relationship and said: Today, the influence of art has become much greater than in the past. The creative industries proposed by UNESCO are of culture and art. The future of art is very important. If it can be institutionalized, artistic communication will also be more effective.

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