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Constitution of the Academy of Arts of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Academy of Arts of the Islamic Republic of Iran based on clause 24, law for Aims and Duties of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution(Act.no 3603, Nov,23,1997) shall be established on the basis of this constitution.

Article Ι- Goals

Attainment of national and Islamic cultural-artistic heritage, proposing policies and strategies, achieving latest findings and innovations, and promoting the Islamic culture in order to face the threats of invading cultures.

Article ΙΙ-Duties

  1. Giving advice for policy making to preserve and development the Islamic, national and local arts.
  2. Cooperation with seminaries and religious research centers (Howze Elmiyeh) and religious eminent figures (Ulama) in recognizing and defining the jurisprudential principles of arts.
  3. Studying and applying use of new theories with reliance and emphasis on Islamic and national fundamentals.
  4. Supporting and encouraging basic researches, and following studies and proposals in the field of art at national level.
  5. Advising policy-making in regard to the relationship between local and overseas art societies and associations
  6. Advising policies to promote art criticism and aesthetic issues.

7.Giving advice for definition of   art development indices.

  1. Assessing the art indices in the State annually.

9.Holding annual seminars, conferences, meetings, congresses and sessions in various fields of arts.

  1. Surveying the shortcomings of the State’s educational system in the field of arts and giving suggestions to the respective authorities.
  2. Studying interdisciplinary relation between art and different sciences.
  3. Suggesting interdisciplinary university brunches of arts to respective authorities.
  4. Introducing artists and researchers qualified enough to the respective centers to enjoy the scholarships and grants.
  5. Supporting writings and translating notable sources on arts.
  6. Forming specialized departments inside the Academy.
  7. Proposing the guidelines for awarding art medals, badges, etc. to respective centers.
  8. Presenting awards and prizes in the field of research, translation and artistic creation to the eminent figures


Article ΙΙΙ

Bodies of the Academy of Arts:

The President of Islamic Republic of Iran in his capacity as the presidency

2-Board of Trustees of the Academies

All the Academies shall have one Board of Trustees consisting:

-         First deputy of the President of Islamic Republic of Iran in his capacity as the head of the Board

-         Minister for Science, Research and Technology

-         Minister for Health, Treatment and Medical Education

-         Minister for Culture and Islamic Guidance

-         Presidents of The Academies

-         Two scholars and experts (by the recommendation of the Presidents of each Academy)

3- General Assembly

4-President of the Academy

5-Specialized Council


Article ΙV

General Assembly

The Assembly is formed by all Fellow (full Members) of The Academy. It holds meetings at least once a year.

Note 1. The Associate members may attend the meetings but shall not have the right to vote.

Note 2. The assembly is presided over by the President of the Academy.

Article V

Duties of the general Assembly:

1-Approval of policies and the scientific programs.

 2- Approval of the executive regulations of the scientific activities of the Academy.

3-Selecting the figures nominated by Specialized Council to receive the prizes, scholarships, grants, art badges, sabbatical leaves and introducing them to President of the Academy. 

4-Approving permanent, associate and honorary members.

Article VΙ

Specialized Council: 

The Specialized Council is formed by:

- President of the Academy as its chair.

-Chairs of Specialized Groups.

Article VΙΙ

Duties of the Specialized Council:

1-Studies on policies of the scientific programs of the Academy and referring them to the General Assembly for approval.

2-Development and approval of the executive regulations of the Academy’s scientific activities and passing them to the General Assembly for approval.

3-Specifying the duties of specialized departments.

 4- Studies and comments made on research projects and referring them to the respective Specialized Departments.

5-Determination of major problems for researching, and recommending them to respective specialized centers of the State.

6- Compilation of codes of awarding rewards, prizes, badges and medals to eligible individuals and recommending them to Board of Trustees for approval.

7-Nominating artists eligible to get rewards, prizes, medals and scholarships and recommending them to General Assembly for approval.  

8-Studies and comments made on codes of promoting the quality of seminars, congresses and conferences at the national and international levels and evaluation of such symposia. 

9- Performing other works referred to this Council by the Board of Trustees, General Assembly and President of the Academy.

Article VΙΙΙ

President of the Academy:

The President of the Academy is chosen from among the Fellows of the Academy by the nomination of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and approval of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution by the written order of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for a four - year period. The President of the Academy shall be replaced before the end of the term of presidency in case of demise, decline, resignation or dismissal.

Note – The President of the Academy may be reelected.

Article ΙX

Duties of the President of the Academy

1- Proposal of the administrative organization, budget and annual account to the Board of Trustees of the Academies for approval.

2-Recommendation for membership of the Academy in international societies.

3- Appointment of the chairs of the Academic Departments

4- Recommendation for nominees as Fellows, Associate and Honorary Members to the General Assembly for approval

5- Control and follow up of the proper implementation of the decisions made by the Board of Trustees of the Academies, the General Assembly and Specialized Council

6- Invitation of the members of the General Assembly and the Specialized Council to hold meetings.

Article X

Secretary of the Academy:

The Secretary of the Academy is appointed by a written order of the President of Academy

Article XΙ

Duties of the Secretary of the Academy:

1-Managing the administrative and financial affairs of the Secretariat.

2-Recruiting the required staff for the Academy.

3-Accomplishing the affaires referred by the General Assembly, Specialized Council and the President of the Academy.

Article XΙΙ

Specialized Departments

1-    Dramatic art and literature Department.

2-    Music Department.

3-    Architecture and urban planning Department.

4-    Traditional arts and handicraft Department.

5-    Visual arts Department.

6-    Cinema Department.

7-    Multimedia Department.


Note1. Each specialized department is composed of fellows or members and expert artists, who are chosen on the basis of the types of their specialties by the President of the Academy.

Note2. Each Department is responsible for the development of research programs and passing them to the Specialized Council.

Article XΙΙΙ

 The Academy is an institution with autonomous legal entity affiliated to the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The annual credits allocated for the Academy are included under the credits of the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article XΙV

Except audio matters, mentioned in Article 13 of General Audit Act, the Academy's financial affairs and transactions shall be in accordance with the regulations approved by the Board of Trustees.

Article XV

The Members of the Academy shall be elected on the basis of enacted regulations and academic criteria after the nomination and approval of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution by Academy itself

Note 1.  Fellows are required to be Iranian citizens and obliged to obey the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran. They should be full professor or prominent artists and have the ability for research leadership.

Note 2.  Prominent international scholars and artists who do not hold university ranks may also become ‘Fellows’ provided that they have equivalent qualifications.

Article XVΙ

The Academy shall have 30 Fellows to be chosen among from experts and artists of different fields of study.

20 Fellows will be initially selected by proposal of Council of Arts and approval of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. Selection of 10 remained members shall be in accordance with Article 15. 


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