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Head of the Academy of Arts:

Alireza Ismaili

Director of the Office of the President of the Academy:

 Mohammad Sohani


 Keyvan Rahimi

 Director General for Finance:

Ali Ebrahimi

Caretaker of General Department for Support and Human Resources:

Ebrahim Eini

Director General for Technology  Information:

  Nader Sharifi 

 Deputy Science and Research:

Ali Taqavi

Director General for Scientific Departments:

Manizheh Kangrani

Director General for Research:

Ismail Panahi

 Head of Specialized Library:

Roza Zarabi Ajami

Caretaker of Cultural and Artistic Deputy, Head of Aseman Complex:

Sajjad Mohammad Yarzadeh

Director General for Arts:

 Masoud Naseri

Caretaker of Naqsh Jahan Art Research Center:

Zahra Morabian

Director General for International Affairs:

Mahboubeh Palangi

Caretaker of the General Department of Public Relations:

Moloud Zandinejzad

Head of Saba Cultural, Artistic and Research Institute:

Sajjad Mohammad Yarzadeh

Caretaker of Contemporary Palestinian Art  Museum:

Babak Pourian

Caretaker of the Institute of Compilation, Translation and Publication of Artworks:

Nader Qorbani Ashtiani

Head of Art Research Institute:

Abdolhossein Laleh














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