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Academy of Arts  of the Islamic  Republic of Iran

The Academy of Arts  of  The Islamic  Republic of Iran was  established  in accordance with the decree of Supreme Council of   Cultural  Revolution   based on Article  24 , Law of Aims  and  Duties ,  the  Supreme   Council  of  Cultural  Revolution (No.3603,Nov.23,1997).

The Academy  of Arts in  dependent legal entity ,affiliated   to  The  Office of the President  of  the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The purpose of its  establishment is to preserve national and Islamic cultural and artistic heritage to propose policies , strategies,  latest findings and innovations, and also to promote the Islamic culture in order to face the threats of invading cultures.



The tasks of Academy of Arts  of the Islamic Republic of Iran are defined as follows:

1.    Giving advice for policy- making to preserve and develop the Islamic, national and local arts.

2.    Cooperation with seminaries and religious research centers (Howze Elmiyeh) and religious eminent figures (Ulama) in recognizing and defining the jurisprudential principles of arts.

3.    Study and making use of new art theories ,with reliance and emphasis on Islamic and national fundamentals.

4.    Supporting and encouraging eminent researchers, and tracing researches and proposals in the field of art at the national scale.

5.    Giving advice for policy-making in the relationship between local and overseas art societies and associations.

6.    Giving advice to adopt  policies to develop art criticism and aesthetic issues.

7.    Giving advice to define   art development indices.

8.    Assessing the art indices in the country ,annually.

9.    Holding annual seminars, conferences, meetings, congresses and sessions in various fields  of arts.

10.   Surveying the shortcomings of the State's  educational system in the field of arts and giving  advise  to  the  relevant  authorities.

11.   Studies on  relationship among the interdisciplinary art courses and those correspondent to the art field.

12.   Suggesting new university courses,(interdisciplinary ),  to relevant authorities.

13.   Introducing qualified artists and researchers to the relevant organizations to enjoy the scholarships and grants.

14.   Supporting the writings and translating notable sources on art.

15.   Forming specialized departments inside the Academy.

16.   Proposing  guidelines for awarding art medals, badges, etc. to relevent organizations.

17. Presenting awards and prizes in the field of research, translation and artistic creation to the eminent figures.


2-Bodies  of the  Academy  of  Arts:

-        The  President in his capacity as the presidency.

-        Board  of Trustees  of  the  Academies of Islamic Republic of Iran.

-         First  deputy of the President of I.R.Iran in his capacity as head  of the Board.

-         Minister  for  Science, Research  and  Technology.

-         Minister for   Health  , Treatment  and  Medical  Education.

-         Minister  for  Culture  and  Islamic  Guidance.

-         President   of  The  Academy  of Arts.

-         President  of  The  Academy  of  Persian  Language  and  Literature .

-         President  of  the  Academy  of  Science.

-         President  of  the Academy of  Medical sciences.

-         Two  scholars  and experts according to  recommendation  from the  Presidents of  each Academy.


3-General  Assembly:

-The General  Assembly  is consisting of  the  President of  the Academy in his capacity as chairman of the Assembly.

-Associate  members of the Academy

Approval  of  policies in the  scientific  projects , programs and plans   of the Academy  ; approval of the executive regulations  to implement and  fulfill these  programs and plans ; selecting the artists   nominated by Specialized Council to receive the prizes, scholarships  , grants, art badges, for being awarded sabbatical  leaves ,referring their names  to the  presidency   of  the Academy  and  electing Fellows,  Associate and Honorary Members.


4- The President  of the Academy:

The  president of the Academy  is  chosen  from  among  the members  of the Academy  proposed  by   the  President  of  the Islamic  Republic  of  Iran  and  approval of  the Supreme  Council  of Culture  Revolution  for   of four years term  . Among  the major  tasks  of  the President  of the Academy  are giving proposals of   the administrative  structure  of the Academy  ; estimating  annual  budget  and submitting  it  to the Board  of Trustees to be approved  ;  proposals  for joining  to the  international  associations ,appointing  the chairs  of  the Specialized  Departments  ; introducing  Fellows  , Associate and Honorary Members  to the Board  of Trustees.


5-Specialized  Council:

Specialized Council is composed  of  the President  of the Academy  in his capacity as chairman of the Council, and chairs of  the Specialized  Council.

The tasks of  the  Council :

To Survey   the  policies  , plans  and  programs of the Academy,  to give suggestions  and  advices to the General  Assembly  to be approved  by it ,  to define  the most  important  issues  and topics  to do researches  on them,  study  and making  decisions  on  research   plans  and  presenting  them  to the  Departments , studying  rules  to promote  the scientific  qualities  and   grades  of   the  seminars and conferences  at both  national  and  international levels  and  evaluating  them.


Sepecialized  Departments

-         Dramatic  Art and Literature  Dept.

-         Music Dept.

-         Architecture  and Urban Planning  Dept.

-         Traditional  Arts  Dept.

-         Visual  Arts  Dept.

-         Cinema Dept.

-         Multimedia Dept.

Each Specialized  Department  is composed of   some permanent  , associate members  as expect  artists who due to  their expertise  are  selected  by  the President  of the Academy.



The Academy of Arts enjoys Fellows, Associate and Honorary members who are introduced and approved by Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution or by the Academy of Arts, after meeting the necessary standards and scientific principles.

The Academy enjoys 30 permanent members from among eminent figures and artists in different fields, of whom 20 members are selected and introduced by the Council of Arts and approved by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. Remaining the 10  are selected in accord once with the approved  academies standards and principles. Their membership is lifetime.

The membership of the associate members will last for four years and the validity of the membership can receive another extension due to approved academic principles and rules as mentioned above. The international eminent artists and researchers could be accepted as Honorary Members of the Academy. These figures will not shoulder any specific duty to fulfill in the Academy and the selection will occur just for respecting their academies prestige.

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